The Time is Out of Joint: Eschatology as Theopoetics in the Post-Ontotheological Moment

Blake Huggins
School of Theology, Boston University
May, 2011
Blake is currently a PhD candidate in the Graduate Division of Religious Studies at Boston University. His current research project involves theories of time, temporality, and eschatology at the intersection of continental philosophy of religion, French phenomenology, and literary theory in the Judeo-Christian tradition. His long-term interests include philosophy of religion, Jewish and Christian mysticism, critical theory, contemporary aesthetics (particularly film theory and criticism) and deconstructive theologies.


This thesis examines the historical and theoretical development of the doctrine of eschatology after the death of God in light of modern critiques of religion and ontotheology. Drawing on the insights of modern theologians like Jurgen Moltmann and Karl Barth and continental philosophers like Jacques Derrida and Jean-Luc Nancy it is argued that eschatological discourse be dissociated from teleology and re-situated in a theopoetic register.

ISSN: 2374-4103