Towards a Theopoetic of the Cross

Jason Derr (
Theology, Vancouver School of Theology
April, 2008
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Jason Derr is the author of The Boston 395. Jason studied creative writing at Eastern Washington University and has an MA in Theological Studies from the Vancouver School of Theology. He grew up in Virginia and lives in Portland, OR.


The goal herein is to create and explore a theopoetic/theopolitical theology of the cross for the church at Christendom's decline. Christians find a politically dangerous and scandalous death in the cross and name it as revelatory of God. Can a post-Christendom church speak of an execution by state powers that reveals God in the margins and unspeakable places without affirming sacrifice/violence as holy?' For this an evaluation of liberation theologies and theologies of the cross must be made. A focus on recent North American theologies of the cross will provide a critique of Christianity as a North American civil religion. Serious questions must be asked about the way in which a theopoetic of the cross invites us into the new humanity and the freedom promised therein.

ISSN: 2374-4103