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The Becoming of God: Process Theology, Philosophy, and Multireligious Engagement

By Roland Faber

2017 | Cascade Books
Copy Available: No

How should we believe in God today? If we look beyond our little lives to the vast cosmos, we may even ask: Why all that? And even if we spiritually feel the universe: Why believe any religion? After all, there are many; and haven't they contri ...
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Making Nothing Happen: Five Poets Reflect on Faith and Spirituality

By D'Costa Gavin, Eleanor Nesbitt, Mark Pryce, Ruth Shelton, Nicola Slee

2014 | Routledge
Copy Available: No

Making Nothing Happen is a conversation between five poet-theologians who are broadly within the Christian tradition - Nicola Slee, Ruth Shelton, Mark Pryce, Eleanor Nesbitt and Gavin D'Costa. Together they form The Diviners - a group which has ...

Seeking the Risen Christa

By Nicola Slee

2011 | The Society For Promoting Christian Knowledge
Copy Available: Yes

The figure of the feminine side of Christ is widely present in art and in feminist theology, but the risen Christa has not so far been explored. In this ground-breaking book, Nicola Slee, writing in a mixture of reflection, poetry and images, r ...
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The Divine Manifold (Contemporary Whitehead Studies)

By Roland Faber

2014 | Lexington Books
Copy Available: No

The Divine Manifold is a postmodern enquiry in intersecting themes of the concept and reality of multiplicity in a chaosmos that does not refuse a dimension of theopoetics, but rather defines it in terms of divine polyphilia, the love ...
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Theology, Aesthetics, and Culture: Responses to the Work of David Brown

Edited By Robert MacSwain, Taylor Worley

2012 | Oxford University Press
Copy Available: No

David Brown is a widely-respected British theologian who initially made his mark in analytic discussions of Christian doctrine, such as the Trinity. However, with the publication of Tradition and Imagination: Revelat ...
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Spirit and Trauama: A Theology of Remaining

By Shelly Rambo

2010 | Westminster John Knox
Copy Available: Yes

Rambo draws on contemporary studies in trauma to rethink a central claim of the Christian faith: that new life arises from death. Reexamining the narrative of the death and resurrection of Jesus from the middle day-liturgically named as Holy Sa ...
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Non-dualism in Eckhart, Julian of Norwich and Traherne: A Theopoetic Reflection

By James Charlton

2012 | Bloomsbury Academic
Copy Available: No

The words 'me,' 'mine,' 'you,' 'yours,' can mislead us into feeling separate from other people. This book is an exhilarating contribution to the spirituality of non-duality or non-separation. Meister Eckhart, Mother Julian of Norwich and Thomas ...
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