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Lynn Domina


Lynn Domina is the author of two collections of poetry, Corporal Works and Framed in Silence, and the editor of a collection of essays, Poets on the Psalms. Her recent work has been published in The Gettysburg Review, The Southern Review, Arts & Letters, and many other periodicals. Domina’s poems are emblematic of the Mystical Mode in Theopoetic Poetry, as her poems are steeped in a desire for expansive stillness and clarity and seek to engage a transcendent and contemplative divine intelligence that is both within and without the body. Domina’s work wanders the reaches of being focused on the slow and simple labor that will aid in the attainment of a small slice of spiritual lucidity, without having to sacrifice the very things that make us creaturely — our desires to name, describe, and inhabit the world in which we find ourselves. Readers will feel the quiet of her poetry both abundantly inviting and immediately familiar, since it is the divine quiet in each of us. She is currently an M.Div. student at The Earlham School of Religion, where she has taken courses in the Ministry of Writing Program, and she lives with her family in the western Catskill region of New York.

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