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Thom Caraway


Thom Caraway is the editor of Rock & Sling and the publisher-at-larger at Sage Hill Press. Caraway’s poetry is indicative of the the Prophetic Mode in Theopoetic Poetry. Often defined by its subtly assertive reach toward the holy, and its innate desire to record and account, Caraway’s work bears witness to and provides a clear vision of the way people value God-made landscapes, natural resources, and personhood. Alongside this vision lies a deep understanding for how our current social context has affected our humanity, community, politic, and spirituality—our collective health in a world that God so loved. Fundamentally, Caraway’s poems unpack—sometimes with exacting directness, sometimes with tender observance—revelations of the fragility of our creatureliness and how it can, should, and must be cared for in order to preserve our awareness to the divine in and about us. Rooted in exploration and wide-eyed awe, Caraway’s poems shake us by the collar and call us into the wilderness of our experience. He lives with his family in Spokane, WA, where he was selected as the city’s first Poet Laureate.

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