At Cave Hill Cemetery | Amor | Virgin of Milk

Amy McCann


Amy McCann is the author of Yes Thorn, forthcoming from Tupelo Press in 2015. Her recent work has appeared in The Kenyon Review, The Gettysburg Review, West Branch, and Image. Her poems here — personal and vivid — are representative of a Corporeal Mode within Theopoetic Poetry. McCann’s sensibilities bend toward an understanding of bodily experience, human interaction (be it inter-/intrapersonal, sexual, or violent), and the relationships individuals have to their context, personal histories, and affinities. In essence, McCann’s work underscores, praises, laments, and explores creatureliness in its complex variety, with a hand reaching toward the God in whose image she is—and, we see through her poems, we are—made. Her poems are striking in their ability to penetrate and describe, rich in syntax, form, and diction, and intensely honest in their bearing of the poet’s individuality; the poems boldly render her life in taut, exacting language, uninhibited by pretense or fear. Raised in Illinois, she now lives, writes, and teaches in Minneapolis.

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