Journal History

This inaugural issue of THEOPOETICS has been a long time in the works. It is a periodical dedicated not only to "Arts and Theology," and "Theology of Art," but to the Art of Theology, to Theology as Art, to theology understood as a created, creative, and aesthetic endeavor. This is a journal for exploring the theory and practice of the particular ways in which we come to name and give meaning to the Divine.

It contains work in theology as well as literature. Our hope for the journal is to have it serve as the container for the intersection of several fields of exploration. The intent is
to have the content here reside somewhere in the mix of a theological conversation with aesthetics, literature, embodiment, creativity studies, and the philosophy of imagination. It is – in the words of Melanie Duguid-May – an invitation "to participate in an ongoing process of naming, clarifying, and loosing again: to honor Poesis as making and remaking without ceasing."


The contents of the journal are drawn primarily from meetings of the theopoetics working group at the annual sessions of the American Academy of Religion. Prior to 2014, papers presented there lingered in the relatively uncitable location of a folder on the website However, with the marked growth in interest in theopoetics and the slowly increasing acceptance of the validity of online citations we felt as if the time had come for a journal.

While there is a preference for content specifically exploring facets of theopoetics as it has been identified by prior scholarship, use of the term "theopoetics" or "theopoetic" will not be the sole criteria for interest. All work that takes up considerations of the method and genre of theological
reflection will be considered, especially as it pertains to an emphasis on the particular and the evocative over and above the abstract and propositional.

Writing submitted ought to be of high quality, but it will not necessarily be academic in style. This is doubly the case for submitted pieces of literature.

ISSN: 2374-4103